1、Some sites sell illegal chips with much cheaper price.The accounts that get illegal chips will be banned by pokerist.com.So please do not buy chips on trustless sites.We win the chips in game and it is legal,100% safe.
2、Please make sure not transfer chips with the other player each other on table,that will cause your account into jail server .Our trade way is unique and safe.

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100%Safe guarantee:We make sure your account never get in jail server and its safe,because we are professional !!! Please contact our liveperson to check if the chips is available before you place your order.5-10 Minutes Delivery!
Pokerist Chips Trading Way 1:
We trade face to face on table(add you as friend,invite you to a empty room and make you win the chips.
Pokerist Chips Trading Way 2:
Please Give Us Your Account (+Password), We Will Transfer Chips For You 

  • 50Million Pokerist chips
  • 100Million Pokerist chips
  • 200Million Pokerist chips
  • 300Million Pokerist chips
  • 500Million Pokerist-chips
  • 1000Million Pokerist chips
  • 2000Million Pokerist chips
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